Yumigo left

Yumeko, unaware of the situation, takes offence

When Kenichi says he prefers Yumeko's food to Tsubame's food, Tsubame gets angry. But when Kenichi tells Tsubame that he said he prefers Yumeko's food just to flatter her, Yumeko dumps him and storms off, vice versa. Poor Kenichi is in a sticky situation!

Synopsis Edit

Tsubame is making hamburgers, but the fumes from the hob are disturbing Kenichi. When they are served, Hattori, Kenichi and Shinzo are disconcerted because the hamburgers are burnt. Just then, Yumeko turns up at the door with a box of biscuits. Kenichi says that Yumeko's food is far better than Tsubame's - but she overhears and has a go at him. Hattori pushes Kenichi to apologise to her, and Kenichi says that he was only joking; he complimented Yumeko because he only wanted to flatter her. Yumeko takes offence and blows a raspberry at Kenichi before stalking out, slamming the door in his face. Kenichi is a broken man.

Kenichi takes some flowers out to apologise to Yumeko, not knowing that Tsubame brought them out for Hattori. Tsubame is furious and chases after him. Kenichi gives the flowers to Yumeko, but Tsubame uses the Ninja speech-bubble technique to make him say rude things to her, causing Yumeko to hit him in the face with the bouquet before leaving. Hattori turns up and tells her that even though he appreciated her gesture, her reaction to Kenichi giving the flowers to Yumeko was over the top.

Back at home, Hattori tells Kenichi of a plan to get Yumeko back to himself: Hattori will disguise himself as a dog and scare Yumeko, and Kenichi will rescue her. Kenichi is all for the plan.

On the way home from the market, Yumeko is cornered by the dog (Hattori). Kenichi runs to save her, but he trips on a stone and falls over, rendering himself unconscious. Just then, Tsubame darts around the crossroads and makes the dog (Hattori) sneeze, before beating him up. Yumeko is grateful and invites her around for dinner, however, refuses to forgive Kenichi. Hattori and Kenichi are upset.

Characters Edit

Memorable dialogue Edit

Kenichi Mitsuba: (to Hattori) I'd be really glad if you don't ask us to eat this hamburger now. It's not a hamburger, it's charcoal!

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