Kenichi is in turmoil when he loses a book that Yumeko lent him.

Synopsis Edit

At break, Kenichi, Kemumaki and a party of students are playing dodgeball. The ball crashes into Kenichi, and the gang of friends laugh at him. Kenichi then storms off, and runs into Yumeko. She gives him a book of stories about friendship. Kenichi takes it gratefully.

Meanwhile, Kenichi meets Hattori, Shinzo and Shishimaru at the waste ground. Kanzo is training Shinzo, and also offers Kenichi some runner's training. Leaving the book on top of his bag, Kenichi runs alongside Shinzo, but nearly gets an angina attack due to his excessive exercise. Hattori compliments Shinzo for improving, and also persuades Kenichi to stop. Suddenly, Kemumaki sneaks into presence and nicks the book.

Upon stopping the training, Kenichi is horrified to see the book missing. He, Hattori, Shinzo, and Shishimaru search in every nook and cranny, but find no sign of the book. Shinzo finds a book, but it isn't the one that Kenichi borrowed.

That night, Kenichi tells Hattori that Yumeko will never forgive him even if he tells her the truth. He then desperately pleads with Hattori to find the book for him. Hattori promises Kenichi to do his best. Later on, he goes to a wayside bookshop and asks the clerk if his shop has a copy of the book, but he doesn't have it. He then goes to another shop and pleads the owner not to close his shop. The owner tells him not to be so hasty in his husky voice.

At about nine in the night, Kemumaki turns up at Yumeko's house. He gives her the book and lies to her that Kenichi left it unattended at the waste ground. Yumeko thanks him for returning the book, and resolves to talk to Kenichi about the matter.

Hattori returns home, having finally paid for the book after unlimited searches. Kenichi thanks him, and puts it in his bag, ready to give it to Yumeko.

The next day, Yumeko confronts Kenichi. However, when he gives her the new copy, she realises that Kemumaki was lying to her, leaving Kemumaki outraged. Hattori, having spied on them, rejoices his victory.

Characters Edit

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