Kenichi, Yumeko, Kemumaki, Mr Koike and the rest of the class go to a wild West style park. While Kemumaki shows off, Hattori teaches Kenichi how to ride a bull - but Kemumaki is up to no good! 

Kemumaki shows off his riding skills


Dressed up as a sheriff, Mr Koike marches out of a pub. Looking around at the sandy township, a gunshot rings out and a group of little men and women cheer a tufty haired mannikin dressed wild West style... the amazing Kemuzou Kemumaki! He fires at some empty beer bottles before blowing at the mouth of his pistol. As Yumeko Kawai compliments him, Kemumaki spins his gun around his pointer, while the forgotten Kenichi Mitsuba looks on. Kemumaki then does a headstand and fires upside down, before doing some more in mid-air. Behind the bottles, the truth is revealed as Kagechiyo the cat smashes the bottles with a slingshot. Jealous and ignored, Kenichi turns away and curses under his breath, before he goes on to put an empty baked beans tin down on the floor. Aiming his gun at it, he fires... but the cork ends up in Mr Koike's nose! Kenichi runs off in fright.

Now standing alone at a fence, Kenichi watches two Red Indians rise from the ground and fire madly at Kenichi's head. As they realise their mistake, they run to the lifeless body. Just then, the Red Indian Chief Kanzo Hattori takes the arrow off Kenichi's forehead and greets him. 

Later on, Kenichi and Kemumaki spin lassoes. Kemumaki is successful, but Kenichi fails dismally, entangling his lasso to a bull's horn. As Kemumaki shows off his riding skills, Kenichi tells the gang that he is jealous because he can't do things as well as Kemumaki can, and Kemumaki makes fun of him. Hattori then turns up, the shadow of a bull. Kenichi rides off, but Kemumaki annoys the bull and it goes haywire, with poor Kenichi still on it! Eventually, Hattori calms the bull down, telling it that it wouldn't want to be turned into meat.

In the end, Kenichi, who is still shaken after the bull incident, is told off for being late to catch the bus. Hattori and his pals then wish they could go again.

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