No biological relatives known

Also known as

Sonam (Indian name)

First appearance

Tsubame Arrives

Voiced by

Fuyumi Shiraishi

Tsubame (燕), is an Ega-ninja, and has a crush on her classmate Kanzo Hattori.

Physical appearance Edit


Tsubame in the Mitsuba family's house

Tsubame has a round face, rosy cheeks and black hair done in a ponytail. She wears pink robes and has purple gloves - she also has a flower in her hair.

Personality Edit

The resident tart-with-a-heart, Tsubame's gobby, bossy, headstrong and edgy. She can lose her temper over nothing frequently, and is always in favour of Hattori. She also doesn't provide Shinzo, Shishimaru or Kenichi with their necessities as much as she provides Hattori with them. But generally, she means well.


Kanzo HattoriEdit

Tsubame is infatuated with Hattori and will do anything to get him on her side. Hattori likes her too, but only sees her as a friend.
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Hattori introduces Tsubame to the gang

Shinzo HattoriShishimaruKenichi MitsubaKagechiyo and Kemuzou KemumakiEdit

Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru do not like Tsubame, and will not miss an oppurtunity to get one over her. Tsubame also doesn't like Kemumaki and his cat Kagechiyo. However, they did work together to try and beat Hattori.

History Edit

In her first appearance, she came to the Mitsuba family house and cleaned it up, but when Kenichi returned home from a match, Tsubame, thinking that he was a burglar, bound and gagged him with rope and sellotape. Hattori soon turned up and explained everything to Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru.

Quotes Edit

  • "These days children are so notorious." (first line)

Other information Edit

  • She owns a bassoon, a flute, a recorder, a piccolo and a clarinet.

Gallery Edit

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