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    When you upload photos, you should go to their file pages and put them into one of the following categories:

    1. Character photos - if the photo is of a character, either recurring or regular, or featured on a family page,
    2. Episode photos - if the photo is meant to be posted on an episode page, or Special episode photos if the photo is of a film,
    3. Manga photos - if the photo is of the manga,
    4. Location photos - if the photo is of a place,
    5. Vehicle photos - if the photo is of a vehicle, 
    6. Blog photos - if the photo is featured on a blog post,
    7. User photos - if the photo is used on a user's profile,
    8. Unused photos - if the photo is not being used and
    9. Other photos - strictly reserved for pages such as Ninja Hattori Wiki and Refrences/Cameos in Ninja Hattori-kun a…
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    I was on YouTube this morning, searching for an episode to create, when I came upon this:

    "I am so boring, Kenichi!" 

    Shinzo slipped up - he should have said "bored" instead of "boring". It was so funny that I memed it on Paint:

    If you're bored, you're a normal person. If you're boring, then you're a complete and utter nerd.

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    Over the past few years, Ninja Hattori Wiki has been developed considerably - it was a shambles with offensive messages written on the few pages it had, but now, it has got 247 pages, most of which have sufficient content.

    However, we still have a long way to go. There are many more episodes out here that are incomplete, and some of them haven't even been created. As new edits are made every day and the wiki receives its fair share of pictures, it lacks the many pages of other databases. Recent measures have been taken to develop this database, and many more will be made in future. In order to make this database just as good as other ones out there, let's all join hands and work together.

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