Yumeko Kawai
Yumeko (3)
Personal information
Name in Other Language(s): Yumiko
Alias: Yumiko-chan
Gender: Female
Personality: Intelligent, judgmental, can be elitist but still has a good heart
Likes: Kenichi
Rocky the film star
Sensitive People
Dislikes: Being insulted
Losing her belongings
Bell peppers
Family(s): Mr.Kawai (father)
Mrs Kawai (mother)
Unnamed Grandfather
Friends: Kanzo Hattori
Shinzō Hattori
Kenichi Mitsuba
Kemuzou Kemumaki
Other unnamed classmates
Rivals: None
Political & Chronological Info
Occupation: Student
Correspondent for the school magazine (temporarily)
Age: 12
First Appearance: Ninja Hattori-kun (Anime) Episode 1: I Am A Ninja
Latest Appearance: Ninja Hattori-kun (Anime) (2012 Edition) Episode 59: Shishimaru Became Kagemaru
More Information
Height: About 140 cm (4 feet and 5 inches)
Weight: 39 kg
Favourite Food: Unknown, but certainly not bell peppers!
Actors: voice: Runa Akiyama

Yumiko Kawai (河合由美子 Kawai Yumiko) is the most attractive girl in Kenichi's class. Bright, beautiful and classy, she causes disputes between Kenichi and Kemumaki, her two boyfriends.

Quotes Edit

"What's the matter, sir? Why do you look so scared? What happened?" (first line)
"Kenichi!" (Quoted on several occasions)

History Edit

Ninja Hattori-kun (Manga)Edit

She often causes disputes between Kenichi and Kemumaki, who both have a crush on her. Many episodes revolve around Kenichi asking Hattori for help to win Yumeko against Kemumaki. Yumeko is frequently fooled by Kemumaki and blames the wrong person for it.

Ninja Hattori-kun (Anime)Edit

The Anime was based on the Manga and Yumeko held a similar position.

Physical appearance Edit

Yumiko is shown to be an extremely pretty girl. She has a black (dark brown in the new series) helmet hairdo, black eyes and a pink dress.

Personality Edit

Yumiko is a very talkative, friendly and sensitive girl is friends with several characters in the series. She can be opinionated and narrow-minded at times but has a big heart and cares for everyone. Yumiko is also very sporty, taking part in tennis, swimming and dodgeball.


Kanzo Hattori Edit

Yumiko is a good friend of Kanzo's. She, along with Shinzo, Shishimaru and Kenichi, assists him in his missions, even showing romantic feelings towards him a few times.

Kenichi Mitsuba Edit

Yumiko is the love of Kenichi's life. She is not afraid to reciprocate these feelings; they go on a trip to a zoological park. Alone, that is, until Hattori's attempts to save them from Kemumaki ends up in a fierce duel. Fortunately, neither girl nor boy sees them. However, Kemumaki causes a few rifts between the two, though Hattori sets things right.

Shinzo Hattori and Shishimaru Edit

Yumiko is a good friend to Shinzo and Shishimaru, and once offered to take them to the film adaptation of Tarzan once.

Kemumaki and Kagechiyo Edit

Kemumaki trying to impress Yumiko is one of the key reasons of his antagonism. Yumiko, however, is smitten by him, and is one of his swooning flankers. Pathetic! Fortunately, in a few episodes, she discovers the truth, and once hit him across the face!

Yumiko is kind to Kemumaki's cat and disciple, Kagechiyo, and gave him a collar with a bell once.

Family Edit

Yumiko, being an only child, shares a close relationship with her family. Her family members come in few, but she has a good relationship with them.

Mr. Koike Edit

Mr. Koike is fond of Yumiko, and is also impressed by her intelligence.

Trivia Edit

Etymology Edit

Yumiko is a common given name in Japan, given to females.

Kawai derives from the Japanese word Kawaii, which means cute or sometimes from the river Kawai.


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